Can't get enough of your favourite bird, and would like to see them in the comfort of your own home? We've got you! 

Here is a selection of our favourite penguin cameras, situated all across the globe, where you can view our beautiful feathered friends in various different locations, living their best life. 

UK Penguin Webcams

There are many zoos in the UK which have webcams running of their penguin enclosures - here are a few of our favourite penguin webcams in the UK:

Living Coasts Penguin Cam

Here you can find the African and Macaroni penguins over at Living Costs in Torquay -

Living Coasts Penguin Webcam Image Still

Folly Farm Penguin Cam

The fantastic Folly Farm in Wales has a penguin cam - don't forget to check it out during feeding time at 11am and 2pm for the ultimate watch-fest frenzy. 

Folly Farm Penguin Camera


Edinburgh Zoo Penguin Cam

Edinburgh Zoo has not one, but TWO penguin live camera streams - a main camera over the nesting area, covering the Gentoo penguins - and a second one focusing on the Rockhopper penguins, tucked away to one side. 

Edinburgh Zoo Penguin Camera - Main


Penguin Webcams in Antarctica

It's shocking, but even in the extreme that is Antarctica, there are a few penguin webcams available for viewing penguins in their natural habitat!

Now, unfortunately, the reception in the Antarctic is limited at best - so mostly you will find these feeds are generally still images which are updated every so often - but you just can't match the view! 


O'Higgins Penguin Cam 

This is the first-ever penguin webcam from Antarctica, from O'Higgins, a German research station. The picture updates normally every 15 minutes.

Torgerson Island Penguin Cam

This penguin cam is from Palmer Station, which is a Western Antarctic Peninsula marine biome LTER site. There are two camera's to choose from; the Palmer Station Camera and the Torgerson Island Penguin Camera - the penguin camera is only available during the penguin season, which is October through February.


Port Lockroy Virtual Tour

There are also other options to explore the natural habitat of these lovely penguins in Antarctica! You can take a virtual tour around Port Lockroy, a UK naval base in the Antarctic Peninsula - and here you can find panoramas of the Gentoo penguins that live there, here:

We are super proud to support the work they do at Port Lockroy through the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust via Work for Good



US Penguin Webcams

Want a taste of life as a penguin in the USA? Here is a selection of our favourite penguin live-streams from Zoos in America:


Kansas Zoo

Kansas Zoo has two penguin webcams - one regular, and one underwater camera to check on their colony - here you can find King, Gentoo and Humboldt penguins. 

Kansas City Zoo Penguin Cam

Penguin Webcam - Kansas Zoo 

Underwater Penguin Webcam - Kansas Zoo




San Diego Zoo Penguin Cam

San Diego Zoo Penguin Cam

Here you can catch the colony of African penguins doing their thing over at San Diego Zoo in the US - their large habitat features a 200,000-gallon pool, a cobblestone beach, nesting areas, and rockwork that mimics the granite boulders found at Boulders Beach in South Africa.

You might even spot some leopard sharks! They share the pool with the penguins - and they get along swimmingly.



We hope you enjoyed our picks of live penguin cams across the globe! Don't forget to leave a comment with your favourite penguin cameras if we've not mentioned it here.