Hello, it's Pici Penguin here!

Have I introduced myself before? I am an emperor penguin called Pici (pronounced Pea-key) and I help my Hooman run The Penguin Patrol shop! I look after the penguins that come and live with us before they head to their new homes, and I also tweet and post my adventures on Facebook & Instagram.

I love going on adventures, and we recently went to The Deep, an aquarium in Hull. I'm very excited to go because that is where I am originally from! They also have some Gentoo penguins there that I get to visit this time 🐧

I had lots of fun and we took lots of pictures to show you!

Pici Penguin at The Deep, Hull

Here it is! Doesn't it look majestic with its blue glass pointed top?!

First we walked along and learned all about the history of the oceans and animals.

Oh! I was nearly eaten by a shark at The Deep!

Oh no! Don't eat me Mr. Shark!


Look at the Fishies at The Deep

This tank was full of starfish, they wibbled around which was super fun to watch

Here we are! The part I have been looking forward to... the penguin section! Here I found out an interesting fact about Gentoo penguins.

Did You Know? Interesting penguin fact from The Deep

Waking up to a penguin making noises would be much better than an alarm clock, don't you think?

I am so very excited to meet my penguin friends. They are around here somewhere...

Waiting to see the penguins at The Deep

Helloooooooo..... where are you?!

YAY! Hello there Mr. Penguin, I would love to play with you in the water because it looks like so much fun 🐧 🌊

Hello Penguins! It's me, Pici Penguin

Ooh, these ones are going to jump in! I wonder if they will walk the plank, hehe!

Lots of Penguins at The Deep

 This one came close to have a good look at me! I hope he heard me say hello 😊

There he is! A humboldt penguin at The Deep

There is a second viewing spot which is a bit higher up so you can see the Gentoo penguins from above. You can see them waddling better from here!

Penguin Viewing Spot

Zoom Zoom! This one loved flapping around in this spot 😆

Gentoo Penguin at The Deep

Penguin at The Deep

Gentoo penguins at The Deep

We waited until 2:30pm for the Penguin Talk & Feed and we learned more facts about penguins and watched them getting fed. These chicks were the first ones out of the water ready for a fishy treat!

feeding time for the penguins

Nom nom nom! Feeding time at The Deep for the penguins