1. A group of penguins on land are called a "waddle"

Penguin Fact - Waddle

2. A group of young penguin chicks are called a "creche"

Penguin Fact - A Group of Young Penguin Chicks is called a Creche

 3. Penguin nesting areas are called rookeries

Penguin Fact - Rookeries are Penguin Nesting Areas

 4. Emperor Penguins can stay underwater for around 20 minutes at a time

Penguin Fact - 20 Mins Underwater

 5. No penguins live at the North Pole!

Penguin Fact

 6. The Galapagos penguin is the only penguin species that ventures north of the equator in the wild

Penguin Fact

 7. Penguins have excellent hearing and rely on distinct calls to identify their mates

Penguin Fact

 8. Because they aren't used to danger from animals on solid ground, wild penguins are not scared on human tourists.

Penguin Fact

9. A group of penguins in the water is called a "raft"

Penguin Fact - Raft