African Penguin Textile Plant Pot Storage Basket by The Owlery

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This African penguin textile pot is a multi-versatile container, perfect for putting plants in and hiding those ugly plastic plants pots. This penguin themed planter has a square base and measures approximately 10cm square, with a height of approximately 14cm without the top turned over and 12cm with the turnover. This planter is lined with a waterproof fabric, perfect for catching drips after watering.

This plant post is perfect for house plants, succulents and cacti or herbs on the kitchen window. 

Each pot is designed and made in the UK by Sheffield based designer Benjamin from The Owlery, created from digitally printed cotton and lined with a waterproof fabric, perfect for catching stray drips. As this is a completely handmade product, the print placement may vary slightly as each plant pot lining is cut from a different part of the fabric. 

Also available in a larger size featuring an Emperor Penguin print 

How to use this African Penguin Planter
 - Pop your cactus or succulent (in the plastic plant pot) into our custom printed textile plant pots
- When it's time to water (every 3-4 weeks) take the cactus or succulent out of the textile planter, water it and leave it to drain on the draining board
- When the excess water has drained off pop the cactus or succulent back in the pot. 

How to use with plants needing water every few days:
- either follow the steps above or use a small plastic tray or dish in the bottom of the fabric plant pot and water your plant while it is in the planter. 

Note: The waterproof lining is designed to catch small drips. It is not designed for lots of water so it is recommended that you leave your plant to drain or use a small dish and try and avoid over watering. 

Washing instructions:
If you need to clean your plant pot - dry clean only and iron on a medium heat.