Penguin Clothes & Accessories

You can't beat the feeling of brand new socks - but a pair of penguin socks make it even better!...
Percy the Baby Penguin Long Sleeved Baby Grow in Pink by Boodle
This baby grow features Percy the Penguin Chick warming up in his jumper, and is made from lightweight, super soft...
Pingu Face Drawstring Bag in Black
This velvety soft drawstring bag features our favourite cartoon penguin, Pingu!  This super soft plush drawstring bag has embroidered...
These adorable penguin baby socks feature a large penguin on the front with huge white belly, black flippers...
Percy the Penguin Ladies T-Shirt in Blue Melange by Boodle
Cute penguin t-shirt alert! This lovely womens melange blue organic t-shirt has flecks of black and white thread...
Percy the Penguin Mens T-Shirt in Blue Melange by Boodle
A melange blue organic t-shirt with flecks of black and white thread featuring Percy the Penguin wearing his...
Percy the Baby Penguin Kids T-Shirt in Blue by Boodle
This super cute penguin t-shirt features Percy the Baby Penguin, warming up nicely in his little jumper  ...
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