With super soft fur, large blue eyes and chunky feet this adorable penguin plush is wrapped up in a scarf and ready for winter. Sitting at 58cm tall this is a large penguin cuddly toy - for a bit of perspective, this penguin is two footlong Subway sandwiches high, or the average the length of a 3 month old baby! This large penguin soft toy and is big enough comfortably to sit on their own chair and gives really big cuddles! 

This penguin can be a great friend all year round but this lovely and soft penguin toy would make a great Christmas penguin present for someone too. 

Keel Toys really completely capture the essence of these unique birds, and this penguin teddy would make an ideal gift for any animal lover.

  • 58cm tall x 25cm wide
  • Super soft fabric
  • Large blue eyes
  • Red and white striped scarf
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