This adorable large penguin plush has super silky soft fur with long and soft flippers, large detailed eyes and a big ol' fabric beak, perfect for nuzzling. A little black tail and a bottom half that is lightly weighted with beans makes sure that this cuddly penguin can sit nicely without toppling over. Measuring 22cm tall, this large penguin toy is perfect for really big hugs and is a great cuddle partner.  

This penguin soft toy is part of the Plan International range by Nature Planet - this range is very hard to find in the UK, so you can be sure you're getting someone a penguin gift that is something not seen elsewhere. The last image shows the Plan L penguin to the right of the Plan XL penguin, also available on The Penguin Patrol, to compare sizes.

  • Height: 9 inches / 22 cm
  • Realistic Emperor Penguin design
  • Ultra high quality plush material
  • CE certified & tested

When you buy this Nature Planet penguin soft toy, a minimum of €0.15 supports an education project in Indonesia through Plan International, one of the oldest and largest childrens' development organisations in the world. 

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