"Hiya! I am Lubbi, a Baby Emperor Penguin. I love exploring my new world and waddling about to see new sights, but my absolute favourite part of the day is.... dinner time! " 

Super cute, extra cuddly and highly detailed this Emperor penguin baby plush toy is the perfect size for little hands. With it's chunky body and wings and soft fur this plushie is made to be played with, whether you're going to the park or just relaxing on the couch, this soft penguin would love to be part of it all.

Measuring 20cm tall and featuring chunky feet, this penguin can stand proud on a bedroom or playroom shelf.... if it ever gets put down! Keel Toys completely capture the essence of these unique little birds, and this penguin would make an ideal gift for any animal lover.

  • Measures 8" (20cm) tall
  • Super soft fabric
  • Highly detailed
  • Realistic markings
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