Penguin Sticker Set (45 Pieces) by Candy Poetry

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Transform your journal into the cutest thing EVER by giving it a penguin sticker explosion with this mega decorative sticker pack. From adding cute detail when scrapbooking, embellishing your bullet journal or diary, creating cute penguin gift tags, sealing envelopes and decorating your laptop or other personal bits, these penguin stickers really do have a multitude of uses! 

Each box contains 45 stickers featuring 14 different penguin illustrations, so whether you're feeling like throwing your flippers in the air or having a lil swim, there is a sticker to suit your mood. 

  • Imported from Japan
  • 45 pieces per box
  • Stickers approx 4cm x 4cm 

Penguin Sticker Set (45 Pieces) by Candy Poetry