Cuddlekins Baby Chinstrap Penguin Soft Toy - 30cm / 12" - by Wild Republic

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You can just picture this charming baby chinstrap penguin waddling around, with it's super soft fur, rotund belly, waving it's thick and fluffy flippers around whilst it moves it's orange felted feet along the icy floor.

This beautiful penguin soft toy is a huggable and snuggable companion, with short and ultra fluffy fur, weighted down with beans so this penguin can sit upright, whether it's on a playroom shelf or sat on the floor - if it's ever put down that is!

Measuring 30cm tall, this cuddly chinstrap penguin is the perfect size for snuggling, and just loves to nuzzle faces with it's felted beak 

  • Measures 30cm / 12"
  • All new materials
  • Wild Republic Cuddlekins range