Humboldt Penguin 8" (20cm) by Keel Toys

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"Hey there, I'm Nilly a Humboldt penguin! I love building rock towers and finding the smoothest pebbles to have rock skipping competitions with my pals"

This cute and cuddly Humboldt penguin soft toy from Keel Toys is realistically detailed, completely capturing the essence of these unique little birds, and would make an ideal gift for any animal lover.

With it's chunky body and wings and soft fur this plushie is made to be played with - measuring 20cm tall and featuring chunky feet, this penguin can stand proud on a bedroom or playroom shelf.... if it ever gets put down!

Humboldt penguins can be found swimming along the Pacific coast, hopping about amongst the rocks and diving to great depths looking for fish to eat. Sadly, their numbers are in decline. This gorgeous penguin plush makes a great educational toy to help children understand the plight of our most endearing animals.

  • Measures 8" (20cm) tall
  • Super soft fabric
  • Highly detailed
  • Realistic markings

Humboldt Penguin 8" (20cm) by Keel Toys